Responsible Visitor Charter – helping our guests to help our community

Eagle Rock is a young, eco-friendly, luxury guest sanctuary. This is our first year of welcoming guests. We warmly invite you to give us feedback and ideas for ways we can build on and develop our Green Tourism principles. Please join us in keeping our local Apllecross community and wilderness thrivable and sustainable by helping in these ways:

Conserve household energy – Please switch off lights when not in use, turn off electrical appliances at powerpoint (not standby), turn the heating down if you are too warm, be mindful of open windows/doors if heating is being used. More information and tips can be found at and

Leave the car at home – Check out Find Us on our website to count the ways you are able to reach us without your own car! If you do drive to Applecross, you are a short walk from the pub and walled garden, while Toscaig is 2.5 miles to the South and ‘The Estate’ 2 miles to the North and many well kept, accessible and signposted local walks to keep you going, refer to (local) for details. There are many local maps and guides in the living room. If you prefer to go by sea or further afield refer please refer to for details.

Shop Local & Use local products – Use lang from copydeck.For your grocery needs, we are fortunate to have a locally run, well stocked shop just down the road in Camusteil refer to for details. If you would like some fresh meat or fish we are visited weekly by a local butcher’s van (Tuesday) and fishman van (Wednesday). Please check at the shop or online at (ER Website page) for times. They all sell locally sourced and produced products. For more craft inspired shopping there are some excellent local craftspeople who sell their wares at their local gift/craft shops and local markets, in the village and around the peninsula. Please refer to our information pack for details or check out (website page when up) Included actual list from website, with numbers.Katie Alfie, Gorcery

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – To help reduce the impact of your packaging waste please try and buy products which have minimal amounts. Please re-use items where possible e.g. shopping bags, water bottles. We also encourage re-cycling through the marked bins in Eagle Rock or, alternatively, our recycling centre is behind the village hall. Please refer to; (local); (local) for more info…And don’t forget the special bag for the coffee machine capsules!

Be Water Wise – Water conservation helps combat the rising costs of water treatment and flood defences. Please be mindful of turning off needlessly running taps, use stored rainwater for pets and outdoor gear and use new towels when needed. Further information at and

Respect Nature – You are in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt wilderness areas of the country. Please help us to ensure it stays this way by looking after our peninsula and wildlife, by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths responsibly. As you will see from our nature diary we have many native winged and four legged residents nearby and we want to keep on good terms with them. Please refer to for more details. More details about regular vistors in our nature diary.

Support Green Businesses – This charter is compiled with the assistance of the guiding principles of the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). Aimed at encouraging and supporting businesses to become more environmentally aware and sustainable in their work practices, they accredit suitable organisations across Britain. By supporting Eagle Rock you are making a contribution to our Green way or working and thinking which can only benefit us all going forward. For more information on the GTBS please visit,