Hikes and Easy Walks

Step off Eagle Rock’s deck or porch onto old pathways and lovingly restored walking routes around Applecross

Plant your feet on the 9 km trail up Applecross Glen or the exquisite sandy beaches of Applecross Bay. There are coral beaches too, and you’ll surely love the enchanting Carnoch hazel woods, the Arboretum around the Walled Garden, and Roes walk above the sawmill

The great outdoors. Hire kayaks or climbing gear for outings with qualified instructors. Cycle over The Hill and round the magnificent coast

For something more sedate, explore the network of paths around the village and peninsula, or hike to Colliegillie, our secret white coral beach

  • Stunning beaches
  • Guides to local hikes and range of easy to challenging walks at Eagle Rock
  • Archaeological and heritage routes
  • Wheelchair and limited mobility pathways
  • Kayak hire, qualified kayaking and climbing instructors
  • Cycle: round trip over the Bealach na Ba and round the coast is 32 miles
  • Golf
  • Zumba, yoga, badminton sessions at the village hall: all welcome!
  • Carnoch hazel woods
  • 9 km trail up Applecross Glen

Maps and Guides

Maps and local hiking route guides at Eagle Rock detail routes that focus on archaeological and heritage sites, geographical interest spots, botanical interests and forest paths

There are also routes along ancient leylines, connected to the famous Lewis Standing stones, and later, in the 600’s AD, to the monastery established by the Saint Maelrubbe. Two books have been published, by Dr. J. Havelock Fidler: Earth Energy: A Dowser’s investigation of Leylines, and Leylines: Their nature and Properties

Links to further Information on hiking routes

The Applecross Peninsula http://www.applecross.info/things.htm
Visit ALPS: The Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme to find out more about local walks

ALPS aims to develop paths that provide access to the landscape heritage of Applecross, including routes that meet the needs of people with different physical abilities



Mountain and Sea Guides

Mountain and Sea Guides offers Kayak hire and instruction, and climbing for all levels

Local Mike Arkley runs a variety of sea kayaking trips, for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as summer walking and mountaineering. They rent and outfit a range of double and single kayaks and camping and hiking gear. In winter, they are all about mountain walking, climbing and safety training skills, from two hour, half day or multi-day trips

If you have a special group, get in touch and they will tailor a day to suit your needs

Mountain & Sea Guides


Equipment at Eagle Rock, and popular routes

There are two mountain bikes available for use at Eagle Rock for local pootling

For those more serious cyclists, the round trip over the Bealach na Ba and round the coast is 32 miles, but there are a number of ways to break up the route. Look at the drive or motor/cycle page for more details on popular routes

These Eagle Rockers from Aberdeen completed the ‘No Feet on the Ground’ Bealach ride. They spent a long time in hot baths afterwards resting weary legs, then spent the evening singing on  the deck