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Just back from a fairly intensive training four hours at the Hall for current and future directors of the Community Company. This is drawing to an end a week of life in Applecross, such a variety of occupations, walks,


jobs and thoughts in a rural existence. Maybe because I am used to criticism and have grown a thicker skin as I have got older the anonymous letters and notices posted around the community have affected me less than they would have twenty years ago. Using the term anonymous is not quite correct but my rule of never mentioning names when talking about the negative stays in place. The only thing I would say further is my lack of understanding concerning campaigns of destruction.

However we are where we are and this is my Applecross, a place where there is no better dog walks,


no better scenery to enjoy,



no better Inn to work at, no better occupation(fishing) to be fortunate and fit to do and no better bunch of people (with the very few dark exceptions) to know. The weather in the north-west this week was pretty atrocious up till Friday. There was a steady strong to gale force wind blowing from the south with a fair bit of rain


to help the Hydro through a good week.


The weather improved as the week went on, stayed windy but dried up, meaning a tidy up of wood


and planting of tatties commenced,


even a painting of buoys.


Reminds me that the result of a gear conflict consultation has been published. Slightly incredulous of the conclusion. The static gear men have to make sure their gear is properly marked with buoys of a certain size and computer chipped. Marine Compliance then come along, scan the buoys, if they are not chipped they haul the gear take it ashore, discard the catch. This from people who refuse to prosecute trawlers who tow away our creels. The local creel men are disgusted by the lack of support we are getting from the government for one of the most sustainable ways to fish these waters.

I digress, my Applecross continues with a couple of shifts at the Inn, one really busy and the next, Thursday evening almost dead, but came across a couple from Finisterre who turned up with old camper van trouble, a leaky hose below their radiator. After a look I phoned the expert and as it turned out Ewen was passing on the way to work at the Yard and end result were a very grateful couple who enjoyed plates of langoustine and a music session in Camusteel before heading happily back over the Hill with good opinions of our community. Wednesday evening was very busy and one of the groups, a six, were expected in for 7.30pm but turned up after eight, a good excuse as you can see.


We had seen the engine going by with flashing lights and got the news of a car fire…very impressive and luckily no one hurt. Fished all day on Friday but leave that for tomorrow.

Almost forgot but I kept my 100% voting record since I was first eligible to vote in the late 70s. Was really pleased to see Andy and John elected as they will be fine MSPs representing their constituents. No Polling Notice to take photo off as it was retrieved just as I arrived having been blown half way up the tree.


Source: Applecross Life