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Longer stretches between posts at the moment and that is reflecting how much time is left over. there is always time but sometimes the energy levels are pretty low and watching a Scandinavian TV series on iPlayer is all that happens in the evening. Fine couple of days at the Inn over the weekend. The wedding seems to have progressed very well with lots of young folk visiting from the neighbourhoods. Did not have too much contact with the wedding itself or the gentle aftermath as work intervened but the general impression was that a fine time was had by all. Happy with my reminisce on Thursday and to come away with no hangovers, although my football reputation may have suffered somewhat. Being disabused by a Sgiathanach is acceptable if you have played football for Kyle/Plockton, I suppose. Sunday at the Inn was pretty hard going during the day although the evening was a bit easier and the 50th birthday group were very pleasant to serve. The day had started with a 25 from a car rally quickly followed by 22 geologists. The others 120+ just came in, had wonderful food and went. And that was just Sunday lunch. The weather had turned to the North so the stocks of langoustine hanging from the Varuna have been almost used up. The fishing effort is slowly increasing to keep up with demand. The size of the langoustine that are now coming into the creels are much smaller now but suiting my market. I tail the smaller size of, what we call Threes, langoustine and they are sold in half pint mugs as a sharing starter.


Seem to go out onto the tables in a couple of days. They are still ten times the size that is commonly called smash or beetles and there is not wastage.

In between trips to the Inn and to sea there is a growing list of tasks, not least collecting a few bits of wood here and there.


There are tons of wood lying on the ground, mainly as a result of the storms of 2/3 winters ago and have dried nicely and seem to be going back into the ground. Wondering if some of the tatties have not gone into the ground a bit too soon


seeing what was lying on the drills on Saturday morning.


There are lots going on on the Community Company level just now and much of it is too fresh to comment on right now but a retrospective will be coming soon when things die down a bit and get less emotional. I will always take a positive about it even if getting there is stressful and rocky. On a practical level the Raasay mast is providing us with a difficult problem. The mast itself has been worked on by Paul https://lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpress.com/about/ and is solid, very solid by all accounts. The problem is intermittent and is only solved just now by Paul rebooting the power. We have already been trying to work out whether the quality of power to the mast has to be improved or whether the equipment or some of it is faulty. We are ordering replacement equipment and this has to be configured before setting off for another expo to Raasay. We, as are the other communities in the same position, are on the pioneering edge of trying to provide community broadband and we are now in the difficult “keeping it going” stage rather than the exhilarating setting it up one of three years ago. Due to the income and expenditure based on the original business plan there is little spare profits but they were always going to be ploughed back into the system anyway and it is one community.

After a weekend of lots of people, discussions and meetings, steaming out to the fishing grounds can always be a relief of sorts. hauling a few more pots than before but there are still enough about to make it a decent catch. “Just making a wage” as the saying goes. The bonxie numbers are slowly increasing and there were four round the boat today scrapping with the black backs for the bait. The newly berried langoustine keep coming up in the creels,


a small percentage but a definite change in their behaviour. This time of year we should be seeing the mature eggs coming off the females, the green sac which is the pre egg stage, and the new eggs appearing on mass around August time. The fact that some are appearing five months early is saying that there is a change taking place. There are quite a few cuttle fish coming up as well, this one carrying an unusual markings around its eye.


They do not seem to like the pressure change and struggle to get back down. It was a little busier to-day with a number of boats out on the grounds. Speed of youth passing by on the way in.


Yesterday I nipped over to Kyleakin to give a pint of the best to the Donor unit. I get a follow-up letter being O negative which is good for everyone and stocks are low. Picked up a nice secondhand lens for the camera. Cannot justify a new price especially the conditions that it would have to endure. Expense enough hobby second-hand. Stopped at the top of the Bealach to try it out.


Took a couple of minutes to work out how to work the zoom, must do some reading up. Always something to do and on the way past the Gallery a couple of posts had to be moved to Toscaig in the back of the van, easy done especially when you get a snap when you are there.


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