Environmental & Sustainability Policy

At Eagle Rock, we are committed to providing a unique, high quality accommodation experience in an environmentally aware and sustainable manner. Our Aims:

  • To recognise and adhere to the relevant environmental legislation and best ‘green’ practice methods;
  • To include ‘green thinking’ into business planning, including building relationships with local environmental professionals;
  • To commit to an ongoing programme of sustainability improvements for Eagle Rock
  • To ensure all staff at Eagle Rock are aware and informed about our green commitment;
  • To ensure our guests are informed about out green ethos and their role in it;
  • To provide green friendly transport and travel options to our guests;
  • To minimise waste production through reducing package use, recycling where practical and re-using where possible;
  • To reducing our carbon footprint through an effective carbon management plan;
  • To monitor the water and energy usage to ensure it is efficient and effective;
  • To utilise,where practical, natural and eco-friendly products within the business;
  • To be actively involved in local ‘green’ community initiatives where possible, including the local school, hall, local charities and businesses;
  • To support ethical, fair trade and socially responsible practices where possible;

To help Eagle Rock’s guests to become more informed about our green way of life please refer to our website or the information available onsite.

Further, queries or suggestions from our guests to assist us in our green endeavours are most welcome. Please let us know through one of our feedback forms onsite.