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Friday I had one of those special visitations that makes all the stuff you wade through fall away.


End of a long and varied day. The weather is fine although the east wind in the afternoon curtailed it just a little. Was coming in early to go over to Lochcarron to the Local Development Plan day and to meet with other CCs about roads. Managed to meet up with one and chat to another. Took photos on the way back to show one of our NC500 problems.


People in big camper vans are now ending up on the Bealach, out with their driving skills, having not been able to reading the warning signs. If they fill this one up this summer winter drivers could well be in trouble.


We are getting very nervous about the NC500 as it is. It always appears as though we complain but when one leaves Applecross for Lochcarron and arrive an hour and twenty minutes later due to bad driving, people deciding not to let you past is one of traffic’s mysteries. Trying, in vain, so far, to get NC500 website to put some pointers on driving on single track roads. The people are on it and the camper vans and convoys are under way but guys have to respect the route or everyone is wasting their time. We are already experiencing a higher livestock mortality and reports are this is happening further north. A bit of local development plan chat and back to a CC meeting. Seems we have been left out of the Dev Plan as there is no available land to develop. Something for the future, for somebody to test the Community Empowerment legislation.

It’s these little things, such as covering up traffic info signs, that seem tedious but can have serious consequences when some one is on a road he/she is not capable of driving. Convoys are another matter, after the Bealach Beag both sides were reopened at the same time and the result was chaotic, eighty cars meeting each other on the Hill. I found the rest of the CC meeting fairly depressing as it is battling against the reducing capabilities in the community. Never mind, the culvert on the other side of the Hill is being repaired and hopefully spare tar will be used to patch up some of the crumbling edges, the one bright spot.

My fishing days are much more enjoyable, in the sun and the easterly breezes, they seem far more colourful


in the bright days. Even the octopi,


the second one needing a prod or two to get him to change to a bit of colour,


look refreshed. After good feeds of langoustine, not surprising. Had a wonderful appearance on Friday for around ten minutes



as they made their way north. Such a privilege to see them change course and stay around the boat as I shot back a fleet of creels.


Definite sign of summer on the Sound.


The bonxies are always good for a photo or two, either looking you in the eye


or scrapping for bait.



The season seems to have burst upon us as the cuckoos, although a week or so late, are belting out their mating calls. Decided not to fish today as very brisk easterly forecast and pottered about in the garden. Bit of weeding and salad leaf planting before being struck down with A fierce but thankfully short-lived migraine. Taken by surprise around twoish and out for the count by half three. Sleep patterns wrecked now and expect to be out early doors.

Little to report on the anonymous front apart from a smart response from a member of the Com Company. He comes out streets ahead as he at least put his name to his reply. Wonder if public notice boards are an appropriate vehicle for unnamed assertions. In the grand scheme of things it will fade like most of these efforts and the Company will be stronger for it. That is if enough people are left here to run it. But the weather keeps one from being taken down too much by other people’s machinations.


Source: Applecross Life