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Eagle Rock Geology Video and Geo Tours

This clip is  about the rock formations around Eagle Rock – and the geo-history of Eagle Rock itself.
It was a gift from Eagle Rock guests, professional wildlife photographer Nicky Souness, and her husband,  Dr Colin Souness. Colin has written a brilliant book called Atlantic Gigantic. (Published by Places We’ve Been Llp, Chicago, avail on Amazon). It’s one of many clips made by the couple while here.
We’ll be announcing some Eagle Rock-based geo-tours in October, led by Colin, who departed today to head to Edinburgh for a speech to the Royal Geographic Society, and who will have just returned from an extensive trip to the Arctic.  More info will be coming down the pipeline as we develop an October Programme. Read these remarks about Colin’s book, that say a lot about him too!

Life is out there for anyone who seeks it and here is a great example. Colin and his crewmates seize this opportunity to sail the Gambo across the northern Atlantic despite fear and common sense warning against it, embodying a real spirit of adventure.”

– Mike Robinson, chief executive for the Royal Scottish Geographical Society


“Every year, millions of people come to Scotland by land, sea and air, to bask in a country that boasts spectacular scenery, a rich history and culture and the warmest of welcomes. The journey to Scotland is very much part of the overall visitor experience and I think it’s safe to say that Colin Souness and his friends undertook a more adventurous and thrilling journey than most to return to the land of his birth. The timing of Atlantic Gigantic is very apt following our hugely successful Year of Homecoming – a year-long celebration of the very best of Scottish culture – and I would like to congratulate Colin and company on their successful voyage!”

– Mike Cantlay, chairman of VisitScotland